Beatrice (Bea) Price Kenealy

Citizen of the Year 2019

Bea, as she is know to family and friends, was born June 6, 1926. She and her brother,Chet, were raised by their grandmother, Amelia Price. In 1943 Bea graduated from high school and married George Kenealy April 18, 1948. Bea lives on the Kenealy family farm in Martinsburg. Together, Bea and George raised 1 daughter and 5 sons. George passed away in February 1988. Bea worked as a teacher's aide for 23 years at Lowville Academy and served her community at the Lewis County Hospital as a volunteer in the gift shop. She has been a member of the St. Peter's Alter and Rosary Group.  

Bea was a long time dedicated  member of the Martinsburg Historical Society.  She was one of the dedicated members who helped bring the old Town Hall and " the Brick Building"  back to life. Bea worked on all of the fundraisers needed to earn funds for repairs to the buildings. Both buildings have since been placed on the National Register of Historic Sites.