Historian's Office :
The Martinsburg Town Historian's Office is open each Tuesday from 1:00-4:00 pm. The office is located in our Historic Town Hall which was built in 1811. Our historian, Sue Adsit, can be reached at 315-376-0156 or 315-376-7219. Please leave a message. 
Dues to belong to the Martinsburg Historical Society are $5.00 per year, $10.00 family per year, or $50.00 for a lifetime membership. All who are interested are invited to join. Any donation to the MHS will be used towards ongoing projects or for projects as designated by the person making the donation.
Send membership or donations to:
Mary Kelley 
 c/o Martinsburg Historical Society
PO Box 17
 Martinsburg NY 13404 

MARTINSBURG, NY THE WAY WE WERE is a publication by the Martinsburg Historical Society. ​We sold out!  Volume II is now available!  If you have a Martinsburg story you would like to share for Volume III, please contact Sue Adsit. 


The Martinsburg Historical Society was busy this last year- very busy! It's quite exciting to see all that we accomplished as well as all we have on our "bucket list" to work on during the 2019 season. 

January 12, 2019- The MHS held its Annual Meeting and had election of officers. We had our winter program in the Town Hall with a program provided to us by Charlotte Beagle.  Mrs. Beagle scripted a short play called "Wacked with An Ax."  Attendees were also able to view the updates and work being done at the Town Hall. The auditorium space, upstairs, is shaping up nicely. The town is restoring the original benches and chairs that were used for programs and performances. 

Restoration of the School House : The one room school house that the society purchased in 2012 was completed in 2016. Fred Ramos continued his work on the grounds around the building. Sue Adsit spent countless hours researching and planning for our open house event which is now an annual event. Lois and Fred Zehr donated an age appropriate water jug like one that would have been in the school. The fall open house was a success. The Doney family have been great supporters.

Martinsburg Day and the Twins Wide Open Golf: Both events were a great success. The twins, daughters of our own Martinsburg "star," Dawn Manzer, are full of energy and do a fantastic job organizing this yearly golfing event. There are never enough thanks for all that this family has done to support the Martinsburg Historical Society. ​Martinsburg Day grows each year. Again this year the Lewis County Historical Society teamed up with us and made this a great day for all. There were many exhibits in the town hall including our Korean War male and female mannequins in uniform, enlistment posters and items of that era.  Of course, we had our Silent Auction items out for bids as well our raffles. 

​Again this year was our "back in the day" 1950s ice-cream parlor where we sold ice cream- lots of it- and it was staffed by volunteers.  In the kitchen, Sue had her son, Tony, and daughter-in-law, Kelly, flipping burgers and making hotdogs. It was a family affair! Around the village the vendors were selling their crafts, there were flea markets and garage sales throughout the village. The fire hall had their annual chicken barbecue and a bake sale. They are always ready to pitch in and help on our day. The brick building was open and the "fire cart" and a fireman's uniform and an auxiliary outfit were modeled by our mannequins.

​​LCHS had the Martin Mansion open and all sorts of vendors and demonstrations going on in the front and back yard of the mansion. 

Martinsburg Day in 2019 will be August 10 and the Twins Wide Open will be at Cedars Golf Course on August 3, 2019.


Cemetery Updates:

On Tuesday, July 24th we had an event at the West Martinsburg Cemetery to unveil our Pomeroy sign. This regular MHS meeting was held after the ceremony in the The West Martinsburg Town Hall.

On Saturday, September 30th, a program with military honors was held at the Glendale Cemetery. A tribute was given for the newly discovered Revolutionary War veteran, Ephraim Owen. It was a wonderful turnout. 

 The restoration of our cemeteries was in full force this past summer season thanks to many people. The LCHS, the Town of Martinsburg, the MHS, and volunteers have all been supporting the restoration efforts of the Maple Ridge Cemetery. The restoration project was completed by the end of August 2018. A program is being planned for October 5th, 2019.  

​​The Martinsburg Cemetery supports our work. They have graciously given the ok for a memorial stone to be placed in the cemetery in 2019 for Martinsburg's POW, Shadrach Snell. 

The First Lewis County Clerk's Office:

 ​Our  "Brick Building", the 1st official Lewis County Clerk's Office, was named to the State and National Register of Historic Sites after submitting volumes of paperwork to the State of New York. A program was held at the building to celebrate the completion of our restoration of the building. The program was the "kickoff for Martinsburg Day.


We were honored to have Edward Ingersoll in attendance. Without his help, we would not have accomplished the historic site designation.  Ed was the fire chief in the 1950s , when the building was used by the fire department. He knew the long history of the building.

This building was the official Lewis County Clerk's Office before the county seat was moved to Lowville in the 1860s. The building was built in 1846 for the county clerk. It became a grocery store after the county seat moved. In the 1920s, the building became the volunteer fire department. The MHS leased the building in the 1980s and finally purchased it in 2011. The building exterior is original. The interior was altered as the building usage changed. The historical society has restored it, to what it feels is original. They were able to locate the original clerk's desk. This building is open on Martinsburg Day and other days by appointment. 

Ed was the grand marshal of our Martinsburg Day parade of old tractors and cars. Ed celebrated his 100th on June 14, 2018.